AI-powered Anomaly Detection

Scops discovers asset inefficiencies and anomalies through IoT measurements, radio data transfer, and ML & AI Analytics

BBraun x Scops by Quick Algorithm
Sweden & Martina x Scops by Quick Algorithm
Steris x Scops by Quick Algorithm
Diva International x Scops by Quick Algorithm
Verallia x Scops by Quick Algorithm
Almacis x Scops by Quick Algorithm
Fluid-o-Tech x Scops by Quick Algorithm
Synthomer x Scops by Quick Algorithm
Isagro x Scops by Quick Algorithm

Automated AI Analytics • 24/7 Monitoring • Anomaly Alerts

Prevent unplanned downtimes and failures to get extra days of production

What Scops does
Improves by up to 40% asset and machinery's useful life and longevity
Artificial Intelligence for energy efficiency and maintenance
Ready-to-use A.I. for advanced analytics, updated in real time
Email and SMS alerts in case of system shutdowns and downtimes

Discover the Scops Starter Kits

You can buy or rent Starter Kits to quickly start pilot projects with a focus on Energy Monitoring,  Predictive Maintenance or Sustainability.

The Kits are Wireless, Plug & Play, non-invasive, with Standard LoRaWAN technology® and are installed in 20 minutes. They include:

  • IoT Wireless Sensors for different measurements
  • Gateway for radio data transfer to the Scops cloud
  • AI Software for Advanced Analytics and Anomaly Detection Alerts
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What are the advantages of the Scops solution?

Reduction in repair costs with Predictive Maintenance thanks to Predictive Maintenance.
Reduction in unscheduled extraordinary plant downtime
Increase in the longevity of machinery, plants, and buildings by extending their useful life

Learn about other applications

Industries & Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical Industry

Chemical Industry

Facility Management & Infrastructure

Start with the Rental Kit

Scops accelerates companies' journey towards becoming data-driven, making it five times faster. The wireless, plug-and-play, and non-invasive Scops kits can be installed in just 20 minutes. They encompass the entire data pipeline, from IoT measurements to AI-powered Data Analysis and visualization on automated dashboards.

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