Wireless Measurements with IoT Sensors

IoT wireless sensors to measure and monitor energy consumption and performance of machinery, plants, infrastructure, and buildings, identifying inefficiencies and reducing costs

BBraun x Scops by Quick Algorithm
Sweden & Martina x Scops by Quick Algorithm
Steris x Scops by Quick Algorithm
Diva International x Scops by Quick Algorithm
Verallia x Scops by Quick Algorithm
Almacis x Scops by Quick Algorithm
Fluid-o-Tech x Scops by Quick Algorithm
Synthomer x Scops by Quick Algorithm
Isagro x Scops by Quick Algorithm

IoT Measurements • Cloud Data • AI Data Analysis • Monitoring & Anomaly Alerts

Optimize Energy Efficiency and Asset Performance through strategic insights from measurements, monitoring, and data analysis.

What Scops does
Implement an End-to-End, Plug and Play, Wireless and non-invasive data supply chain
HW & Physical infrastructure: Wireless IoT sensors for non-invasive measurements
HW & Connectivity: Gateway for wireless data transfer to the Cloud
SW & Web-Based SaaS Platform: Scops for storage, AI Data Analysis, Dashboards, Alerts

Discover the Scops Starter Kits

You can buy or rent Starter Kits to quickly start pilot projects with a focus on Energy Monitoring,  Predictive Maintenance or Sustainability.

The Kits are Wireless, Plug & Play, non-invasive, with Standard LoRaWAN technology® and are installed in 20 minutes. They include:

  • IoT Wireless Sensors for different measurements
  • Gateway for radio data transfer to the Scops cloud
  • AI Software for Advanced Analytics and Anomaly Detection Alerts
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What are the advantages of the Scops solution?

Increased productivity for companies implementing Data-Driven strategies
Reducing energy costs while avoiding inefficiencies with AI analytics
Increase in the longevity of machinery, plants, and buildings by extending their useful life

Learn about other applications

Industries & Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical Industry

Chemical Industry

Facility Management & Infrastructure

Start with the Rental Kit

Scops accelerates companies' journey towards becoming data-driven, making it five times faster. The wireless, plug-and-play, and non-invasive Scops kits can be installed in just 20 minutes. They encompass the entire data pipeline, from IoT measurements to AI-powered Data Analysis and visualization on automated dashboards.

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