Revolutionizing Sustainability: Smart Energy Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance with Scops.ai

September 27, 2023

The Urgent Need for Change

The industrial sector is at a critical crossroads in the relentless pursuit of a more sustainable future. Few are aware that this sector is responsible for a staggering 38% of global energy consumption and a concerning 24% of total CO2 emissions. These statistics vividly underscore the pressing urgency for businesses to seek innovative solutions that mitigate their environmental impact and elevate their operational efficiency to new heights.

In terms of energy and production inefficiencies, companies average alarming figures such as these:

  • 37% of each company's imported energy is wasted annually due to energy inefficiencies.
  • On average, each company loses 27 hours of production time each month due to unplanned downtimes and unexpected machinery failures.

These inefficiencies bear environmental consequences and directly and significantly impact a company's profitability. The criticality of finding a swift and effective solution to address these challenges cannot be overstated.

The Challenges of Creating or Retrofitting a Data Pipeline to Become Data-Driven

However, there is also the increasing challenge of preparing or retrofitting the company’s assets, machinery, plants, and buildings for a smart IoT monitoring system. This would require cabling and coordinating with the IT Team.

Furthermore, it requires contracting a team of technicians, consultants, and experts in data infrastructure and data analysis who can collect, clean, prepare, and analyze company data while creating a data collection server, a data visualization system, and multiple reports that always need to be updated.The cost for the company can be massive, which stops companies from becoming Data-Driven, leaving them with their inefficiencies.

In general, to build a viable Data Pipeline, a company would need a mean of four different suppliers and two software licenses. Quick Algorithm considers this issue and has developed the Scops solution to be five times faster to implement than any Data Pipeline because it is entirely wireless, plug & play, and ready for use right out of the box. Scops covers the Data Pipeline from end to end, from Data Collection with IoT Sensors to safe Cloud Connectivity, Data Transfer, Data Storage, Data Cleaning, and AI-powered Data Analysis with proprietary AI & ML Algorithms.

Scops also covers the entire Data Visualization System, with live Reports, Dashboards, and Anomaly Detection 24/7 Alerts. All these innovative features, combined into one unique integrated solution, make the whole setup of the Scops solution so fast it can be done by a technician in the company in less than 20 minutes.

Scops.ai: The Ultimate Solution

Within this context, Scops.ai emerges as the ultimate solution. Scops.ai empowers businesses with one unique tool to swiftly and effectively implement Smart Energy Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance, giving them access to a distinct and game-changing competitive edge. The Scops solution achieves this revolutionary result because it was designed by Quick Algorithm to be an All-in-One Wireless Plug & Play Data Pipeline with IoT Sensor Data Measurements and AI-powered Data Analysis, Data Visualization, and 24/7 Monitoring, Alerts, Dashboards and Reports.

Transforming Productivity and Efficiency

The transformative potential of Scops.ai extends far beyond mere efficiency gains. By leveraging all the application possibilities offered by Scops’s IoT Sensors and ML & AI-powered data Analytics, organizations can access a 4.0 Data-Driven approach that can lead them to make more strategic decisions and:

  • Optimize energy consumption.
  • Customize maintenance schedules.
  • Elevate production efficiency to unprecedented levels.

This transformation isn't just about productivity; it is a distinctive commitment to global sustainability efforts, with the collateral benefit of a substantial reduction in the environmental footprint.

Smart Energy Monitoring

Within the Scops.ai ecosystem, Smart Energy Monitoring takes center stage. It unfolds as an invaluable tool, endowing organizations with the ability to decipher intricate energy usage patterns. With Scops.ai as a partner, businesses can pinpoint with precision the assets, machinery, areas, or times where energy efficiency improvements are most needed. The end result? A 15% boost in energy efficiency translates to substantial cost savings and a tangible and meaningful contribution to environmental preservation.

Predictive Maintenance

The prowess of Scops.ai extends further to encompass the realm of Predictive Maintenance. This proactive approach to maintenance activities involves identifying potential equipment failures well before their occurrence, thus ensuring the sustained optimal performance of equipment and machinery. With Scops, companies can reduce up to 40% their unplanned downtimes, leading to amplified asset availability, extended equipment useful life, and the salvation of precious production hours.

A Win-Win for Sustainability

Our combination of IoT Measurements & AI Analytics into one Plug & Play solution for Smart Energy Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance can help companies not only enhance their operational efficiency but also monitor wastage, proving to be a valuable tool to reduce environmental impact in compliance with the ISO certifications. By 2040, a modest 5% reduction in operation and maintenance costs through the Digitalization process pushed by the 4.0 Industry, could result in nearly $20 billion annual savings for companies and consumers. Thanks to its easy-to-implement approach, Scops makes all of this possible and five times easier.

Embark on Your Journey to Sustainability

By adopting the Scops.ai solution, your company can embark on an ambitious and transformative sustainability journey. Together, we will promptly identify and address all energy and performance anomalies, conserving precious resources and minimizing the financial and environmental burdens that inefficiencies impose. Together, we can shape a more sustainable future, where businesses thrive and stand as stewards of our planet's ecological balance.

The industrial sector's substantial energy consumption and CO2 emissions present a formidable challenge to our planet. However, with an innovative and easy-to-implement solution like Scops, businesses can rise to this challenge, contributing positively to the environment. It's time to take action and embrace sustainability as a core aspect of your business operations.

Discover the Scops Starter Kits

You can buy or rent Starter Kits to quickly start pilot projects with a focus on Energy Monitoring,  Predictive Maintenance or Sustainability.

The Kits are Wireless, Plug & Play, non-invasive, with Standard LoRaWAN technology® and are installed in 20 minutes. They include:

  • IoT Wireless Sensors for different measurements
  • Gateway for radio data transfer to the Scops cloud
  • AI Software for Advanced Analytics and Anomaly Detection Alerts
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