Case Study

Energy efficiency of industrial ventilation system


Goal of the company

  • The company, a global manufacturer of glass packaging for beverages and food products, aims to improve the efficiency of industrial fans and reduce energy consumption through data monitoring.

Main Scops features used

  • Aggregation on the Scops platform of data from the IoT Sensors that monitor critical industrial fan parameters, including vibration, ambient temperature and power consumption.
  • Automatic data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL): Optimizing data preparation for analysis.
  • Monitoring and analysis of analog and sensor measurements: Monitoring of discharge temperature, discharge pressure, and motor speed by converting signals from already implemented sensors.
  • Anomaly detection based on Artificial Intelligence from Scops: Identification of energy consumption and abnormal fan behaviors, such as excessive vibration.


In the quest for greater industrial efficiency and improved energy conservation, our client adopted Scops, a state-of-the-art solution for monitoring and analyzing machinery and building data in an industrial environment. The implementation of Scops addressed the urgent challenges faced by the company, leading to significant improvements in operational performance and energy optimization.

Thanks to Scops, the client gained a comprehensive view of critical parameters affecting industrial fan operation. Continuous monitoring of vibration, ambient temperature, and power consumption provided real-time information, allowing problems to be identified and addressed in a timely manner. In particular, detection of the fan pumping problem, which could have led to costly malfunctions, was made possible by the sophisticated anomaly detection algorithms of Scops.

In addition, Scops facilitated detailed evaluation of power consumption patterns. By analyzing data during non-working hours, the client identified inefficiencies in energy-saving settings. With this information, they optimized energy optimization strategies, resulting in tangible reductions in energy consumption and associated costs.

Another significant benefit offered by Scops was the ability to monitor fan vibration trends over time. By detecting more than 30 anomalies in a single month, Scops alerted the maintenance team to potential mechanical deterioration in a timely manner. This early detection allowed the client to schedule preventive maintenance, preventing serious damage and minimizing costly downtime.

In conclusion, the successful implementation of Scops revolutionized industrial fan management for our client. Through data-driven information and continuous monitoring, they have achieved greater operational efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and ensured the longevity of critical machines. Scops' comprehensive approach to data monitoring and analysis has proven to be a valuable asset, solidifying the client's position as an industry leader committed to innovation and sustainability.

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What our customers say about Scops

"Amazing tool"

Although in service for a very short time, it has already allowed us to: intercept plant drifts and therefore anticipate/avoid the occurrence of a severe failure on a strategic plant; identify areas of energy efficiency, and then establish specific project activities.

We particularly appreciate how simple it is to integrate Scops with company tools and how easy it is for operators to use.

Luigi G. - Plant and Maintenance Manager
"Towards a digital future driven by data"

We have found a tool to guide us in project choices, energy efficiency, plant management, and maintenance. A vital aspect is the passion, availability, and collaboration of the Quick Algorithm Team.

We have developed this software to our needs and requirements, with great design, management, and use flexibility. It suited our requests perfectly. We have developed a path to monitor the consumption and performance of our plants and digitize, manage, and monitor the maintenance performance of various assets.

"Scops in support of energy-saving"

Centralized management of all energy consumption, with anomaly detection, plant heatmap, public dashboard, simulation of future consumption, etc. High level of user support, both during the implementation phase and subsequently.

A new approach to the use of data, automation of time-consuming operations, user satisfaction, and tangible benefits obtained quickly.

We centralized different sources in one software.

Silvia C. - ICT
"Scops - the owl guarding energy consumption"

The experience is very positive, especially concerning the continuous assistance and support of the developer team for implementing the platform and its constant integration with new functions.

The software integrates essential functions to comply with the regulatory framework regarding collecting and classifying energy data with advanced artificial intelligence functions that have accelerated and improved the energy management system.

With Scops, we centralized different data sources in one platform, customized to specific needs. We used algorithms to forecast and manage consumption.

Alessandro L. - Energy Manager
"Scops, an effective tool"

We have been able to use the product on different channels and have always found excellent results. This is why I also recommended its use to the company's international teams.

The product is easy to use, has all the features my company requires, and is constantly evolving. Furthermore, customer support is highly professional, helpful, and efficient.

Claudia C. - Communication manager

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